A new layout currently under construction in the work room. This layout is to test construction methods and to provide a layout build experience for members.

The track has now been laid and the power bus is being connected underneath. The two concrete bridges are complete along with the girder bridge. The control panel is complete and is connected and ready for use.

Help is most welcome! Refer to the job log below to see what is being done next.

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Overall Progress from the MS Project file
Specification Document

Shelf layout plastering and colouring

Written by Glenn. Posted in Shelf Layout

{timg title:="Doug painting the completed plastered sections of the scenery" thumb:="images/stories/shelflayout/20130924_205013-sml.jpg" img:="images/stories/shelflayout/20130924_205013-lg.jpg"}

Work began doing the scenery for the layout. Solid foam blocks were used to cover any gaping holes and to create the larger mounds of terrain. The next step is to hide the rough cut of the foam blocks and to remove the perfectly flat baseboard surface.

Plaster or Goop overcoat?

Once satisfied with the rough shape of the foam laying down a filler to get a natural shape is the next step. Mark did some "goop" on the exhibition demonstration section and he was good enough to leave some materials so it could be tried on the shelf layout.

Water Under the Bridge

Written by Glenn. Posted in Shelf Layout

{timg title:="The completed still water under the two bridges." thumb:="images/stories/shelflayout/PC_20131205_110711-200px.jpg" img:="images/stories/shelflayout/PC_20131205_110711-800px.jpg"}

The old exhibition layout Murranbilla featured a creek that had a dry bed. I was interested in having one with water and giving us a reason to try out a couple of methods of creating model water. 


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